Perfectly, Imperfect Paxton

Wife, Mom, KiKi, Teacher, Breast Cancer Survivor, Florist, Decorator, Fashion Lover


Educate, inform and basically enjoy life

I am a full time teacher, mom, wife and Kiki.   I have a passion and love for decorating and fashion.   I also am a trained florist.   Most recently I became a breast cancer survivor!   I can't wait to share my experiences and loves with you.   I am thankful and so blessed to have this life, even if its not perfect.

Who I am!!!

Introduction- Blog 1 

Hello everyone:   

I definitely do not know everything.  However in my 55 years I have gained a little knowledge about random things.   I have a wonderful family and an amazing group of friends.   Without my family and friends I would not be anything.   I also have the best friend in my husband.  Eventhough I joke and have fun with him he is my rock !   I never knew how much he loved me until the past year. So kuddos to him.  I am writing this blog after the fact.   While I was in the moment of "cancer" I did not want to share my story or "talk" about it.  I felt damaged or maybe less than.   Now however I feel like I can possibly help others navigate through this crazy life while fighting the fights of their lives!! 

Much Love, Tina 

Blog #2 is attached here along with random information

Blog 2 

There is always life before cancer and life after cancer.   When I began this process I swore I was going to be different.   With that being said it is hard to be different when you are facing the unknown.   At first I tucked deep inside myself and tried to handle everything on my own.   I wanted to be super woman.   I didn't want to burden anyone. Especially my family and friends.  I wanted them to look at me like they always had.


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